Sunday, February 12, 2012

OpenPinoy Offers Laptop Installments in 12/24 Months

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I have always been a fan of OpenPinoy since they started. I find their products really cheap and dependable even if they are just surplus items from Korea and Taiwan. So far, all the laptops, desktops, and monitors I bought from them never had any major issues. So buying them was super worth the money spent. And to think I had them shipped to me in Ifugao via Autobus or Florida Liner. Forget the logistics issues I had with the couriers and I'd say OpenPinoy support is quite good, too, although I rarely need it as I fix the machines by myself. But this can come in handy for any other regular customer.

When I opened my small computer shop in 2009, I decided to get in touch with them and apply as dealer because they do not offer franchise options yet. I learned that it is easier to get a response if I call them and tell them what I want than to email them and wait for their reply. I sent my email inquiry way back 2008 and never got a response somehow, aside from a short reply saying we will look into your inquiry and reply to you as soon as possible. No reply was ever received other than that. So when I called them in 2009 and asked to get info regarding franchising or becoming a dealer, I was surprised of their quick response. They just got my email and within the day, I got all the info I needed. Anyway, I do not know if they offer franchising now. I have a feeling they still might not.

Anyhow, I'm very happy when I learned that they started to offer laptop installments to their customers. This way, I hope to be able to offer laptop installments as well to my customers. There are so many customers in the province who are looking at options of having a laptop through installment basis. I'm referring particularly to the teachers of Don Bosco High School, Lagawe Central School, and other teachers from Banawe and Kiangan. Sadly, when I checked the requirements, it's only for Metro Manila customers.

Tja... I'm already in Manila so maybe I go check it out one of these days. BUT they still don't accept credit card payments. Waahhh.... :(

Good thing CD-R King is improving and now some of their branches accept debit and/or credit card payments. I hope OpenPinoy listens and follows in their steps.


We, Openpinoy, are very pleased to announced our "FIRST AFFORDABLE INSTALLMENT METHOD...""Imagine how easy life can be if you can avail everything through installment..."

  • Customer must be a Filipino Citizen
  • Customer should reside within Metro Manila
  • 21 - 60 years old upon loan maturity
  • With own contact number/s
  • With Down Payment of at least 20% of the SRP



  • Valid ID's (including Company ID)
  • 1 Month Latest Payslip/s
  • Updated Electric Bill

FOR SELF-EMPLOYED (Business Owners)

  • Valid ID's
  • Updated Brgy. / Mayor's Permit
  • Latest Bank Statements (if any)
  • Updated Electric Bill


  • Valid ID's
  • Latest Proof of Remittance
  • Updated Electric Bill

For the following Requirements please send us to our e-mail:

For more inquiries please contact us @
725-8928 local 101/111 OR 0917-8223232
Look for Ms. Michelle